Exports of India

by theDatatalks . 17 Feb 2019

The below bar chart shows the details of Export values in USD & INR for
each years.

  • x-axis variable Year
  • Y-axis variable Export value in USD millions / INR lacs
  • The values above each bar indicates the %growth ((Current value -
    Previous value)/Previous values)
  • The line across the bar chart is Smoothed conditional means
  • Year - End of financial year - Example the year 1998 represents the
    financial year of 1997-98

For the year 2003 to 2014 the average INR value growth calculates to
20.5% & the average USD growth calculates 18.5%

The smoothed conditional mean line of INR shows a stead growth from 2013
to 2019 but for the same, USD shows a complete stagnation.

USD & INR value growth are completely opposite for some of the years and
this is basically driven by fluctuations in USD & INR exchange rate.

As per the USD chart, We have reached close to 300K $million in 2011
and we are still fluctuating around it.

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