Major Political Alliances formed in India during various elections after independence until 2019

by theDataTalks . 17 Feb 2019

Below are the list of political alliances formed in India for a common agenda at various situation.

  1. UPA (Centre-Left Alliance of India)
    Led by INC
    Formed after 2004 general election
    Coalition of Centre, Centre-Left parties few of Centre-Right parties

  2. NDA (Centre-Right Alliance of India)
    Led by BJP
    Formed in 1998
    Coalition of Right-Leaning parties

  3. Left Front (West Bengal)
    Formed in 1997
    Led by group of parties CPI, CPI(M), AIFB, RSP, MFB, RCPI & BBC

  4. North-Eastern Democratic Alliance (NEDA)
    Formed in 2016
    Led by BJP with north eastern state parties (NPF, SDF, PPA, AGP & BPF)

  5. Janata Parivar Alliance
    Formed in 2015
    Formed from various Janata dal parties & others
    Samajwadi party & Janata Dal(United) broke away from the alliance
    Janata Dal (Secular) & Rashtriya Janata Dal parties are with UPA

  6. Mahagathbandhan Alliance
    Formed in 2019
    It is anti-BJP & anti-INC alliance
    Formed from Samajwadi party & Bahujan Samaj Party with Punjab democratic alliance

  7. Third Front
    It is often formed by various small parties against INC & BJP.
    It is further called as United Front/ National Front/ Federal Front

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