Vote share and growth of national parties - The vote share of major political parties and E-YOY (Election - Year on Year) growth.

by theDataTalks . 17 Feb 2019

The below bar chart is a comparison of Indian National Congress (INC)
votes against Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) votes for each election
years. For better understanding

  • The delayed election results of 1985 & 1992 were merged with
    respective years.
  • The votes of BJP preceding parties BJS, JS, BLD & JNP were combined
    in the name of BJP.

In 1984, INC has got 12.01 crore votes, which is the highest they have
ever got until 2019. From 1984 to 1998, the vote bank of INC was
decreasing up to 9.5 crores and it started to increase from 1999 till
2019, but there is no remarkable change in vote bank.

After independence non-congress parties were struggling to prove their
existence till 1977. Bharatiya Lok Dal (BLD) came into power in 1977 and
they got 7 times higher votes (7.81 crores) compared to the previous
election. From then, the vote bank of BJP is growing at a steady-state
and they got 22.85 crore votes in 2019.

The below bar chart is a comparison of total seats won by INC against
total seats won by BJP for each election years.

In overall there is a considerable downward trend in seats won by INC.
The first major drop occurred in 1977 (after the emergency period from
1975 to 1977) and they have retained the numbers in 1980 & 1984
elections. After 1984 the numbers have declined.

After the emergency period (1975-1977) BLD have got 295 seats and there
was a sudden drop in 1980 & 1984 elections. From 1989 the numbers grew at a considerable rate till 2019.

The below line chart has

  • x-axis variable E-YOY (Election year on year)
  • Y-axis variable Vote share % against polling

This chart is plotted only for major parties in India. BJP was preceded by BJS, PSP, SWA, JNP & NCO
(or) some of these parties were merged with BJP,
so BJP data should be looked with these parties in heed for better understanding.

  • INC vote share is declining & BJP vote share is growing fast.
  • Janata Dal (JD) had a good start but vanished after the party was
    split into various small parties.
  • The vote bank of other national parties (BSP, CPI, CPI(M) & NCP) are
    rolling around 5%.

Below are the considerations taken into account for making this chart

  • The national parties which appeared only once in the election were
    removed in this comparison (AIIC(T), BPI, FBL, HMS, JNP(S), JNP(JP),
  • The national parties which appeared for few elections and got fewer
    votes were removed in this comparison (ICS, JP, SSP, SAP & LKD).
  • 1980 – Indira Congress (INC(I)) is considered as INC.
  • 1985 results are merged with 1984 election & 1992 results are merged
    with 1991 election.
  • JNP contested 1977 election with the symbol of BLD, which is
    considered as JNP.
  • The parties SWA,PSP,NCO,BJS merged with JNP & they are part of
    current BJP.

The below line chart has

  • x-axis variable E-YOY (Election year on year)
  • Y-axis variable Yearly % growth in Votes ((Current-year-votes -

This line chart is prepared for INC, BJP & BJP preceded parties.

BJP was preceded by BJS(1951-1977) & JNP (1977-1980), the data of BJS &
JNP should be considered as BJP for better understanding.

The E-YoY % change in voters for Indian National congress (INC) is
stable compared to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The data file in *.CSV format can be downloaded from Party Performance

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