Ozone Layer

by Kamalini 7th Std. . 26 Apr 2020

Ozone layer is a layer present in the atmosphere. The ozone layer covers the whole Earth. It is present in the stratosphere. The ozone layer acts as a filter in which the ultra violate rays (UV rays) is blocked and does not goes through the Ozone layer and only the Sun rays which is un harmful can pass through the layer and enters Earth. However due to the production of chlorofluorocarbons and halos the Ozone layer is depleating. The refrigerants (The liquid used in air conditioners & refrigerator) are containing chlorofluorocarbons and halos. These are usually released to the atmoshpehere when an air conditioner or a refrigerator becomes defective and the liquid inside it being opened into the atmosphere.

The government have banned the production of electronics which produces chlorofluorocarbons and halos.

Montreal Protocal is an international treaty which define rules for protecting Ozone layer. It defines the global production & phase out of such gases like chlorofluorocarbons and halos.

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