Psychrometric calculator

by Dasa . 08 Dec 2020
Enter real values to get proper results:
Standard atmospheric Pressure in psia (p):
Standard temperature in °F (t):
Dry bulb temperature in °R:
Wet bulb temperature in °R:
Saturated Pressure @ DBT in psia (Pdbt):
Saturated Pressure @ WBT in psia (Pwbt):
humidity Ratio @ Saturation @WBT (Wwbt):
humidity Ratio AH / HR in lb/lb (W):
Partial Pressure Of Water Vapour in psia (VP):
Relative Humidity in % (RH):
Dew Point temperature in °F (DP):
specific Enthalpy in Btu/lb (SH):
specific Volume in ft3/lb (SV):

Click here for Psychrometric Equations, used in this calculator.

Click here for Moisture content in air/Pychrometry, computes psychrometric properties without chart and equations.

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